One of the profound enjoyments of a teasing dominant is to do something unwanted and get a reaction right?


Well one of Remus’s favorite ways to tease me is to hold me down and stick the tip of his tongue just at the entrance of a nostril. Just enough to make my nose wet inside and to make me wig out a bit…and of course there’s pleasing gales of helpless laughter because I can’t get away from him. He’s too powerful…especially when I’m giggling. Laughter seems to take all the fight out of my limbs.

Yep. He seems to really get off on this kind of teasing. In any case, he found a new way to torture me today.

He climbed on me and as he slid his cock in me with this wonderfully aroused look on his face…mixed with mischief of course…He leaned down, held my head still and stuck his wet tongue into my nose. I managed to avoid him for a few minutes, but he fucked me and inexorably managed his goal. I of course shrieked with laughter when he did…and I wriggled.

A lot.

I have to say that it is rather disconcerting to be impaled on his pole, my head pressed into the bed by his hands and pinned still and shallowly breathing by his chest…I was wonderfully helpless and plugged full of cock and all aroused because he’d got his cock in there with me dry to start, which I find wonderfully arousing…and then he utterly changed the mood with the nose licking. Of course I wriggled all about and was wanting to snort out spit. Hardly arousing…but then again it was because he held me down with his cock in me.

My body was confused. Was I being tickled or fucked?

The sensations and confusion made me laugh all the harder…so hard I forgot to be as utterly aroused as I’d been a moment before. He had a very pleased look on his face of course…but then he rammed his cock in me hard and fast for a moment…and that put us back where we started…with me lagging behind mentally.

Of course he didn’t wait for me to finish processing all this. He continued his fucking, satisfied at disconcerting me. He settled into his fuck while I finished my laughter which rode on the wave of an orgasm that stole my breath away…

A few minutes later, he’d fucked me to a few more orgasms and finished himself off.

It was all ended with a wonderful cuddle and both of us sticky and with dripping sexy parts.


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