Service projects are a common topic for submissives. I used to think it was an incredibly boring topic…mostly because I’d not fully discovered how much I loved the experience of devotion in practice. In practice it’s like an art form. It is sensual and even erotic. Believe it or not, there’s something compelling about rushing to get the dishes done before Remus comes home, simply because I know he hates to look at a mess when he comes home. He loves to see the house looking like guests might arrive any moment every day. I try to keep it that for him…and I try to please his tummy too. Seeing a person you love taking pleasure is sexy and sensual…whether it’s their skin or their taste buds is interchangeable to me…so occasionally, I’ll share something here of what I find enjoyable or is on my mind that illustrates my devotion.

Today it is good eating…but eating healthy…and still gluten-free.

People think that gluten-free food is gross. Well it used to be. It’s not any more though, thanks to some amazing cooks who figured out how to do it right…and thankfully now many companies who sell food are getting on the band wagon, so I can go grocery shopping just like anyone else and come home with yummy stuff. I’m still learning how to bake gluten-free. There’s a trick to baking anything. It’s a chemical process after all…doing so with ingredients I’m not used to is tricky, but I can manage a very tasty bread, brownie, carrot cake and pizza crust. I’m not so good at cookies. Haven’t figured out how to get a moist product out of it. They are really tasty though if you can get past the hard texture. I gobble them up because they are tasty, but I want a soft cookie that’s especially healthy to take for camping and hiking breakfasts and road food in general, so I’ll keep at it.

Here’s some recipes that looked good but which I’ve yet to try:

Hollandaise (I’ve got a hankering for this with lox and a bagel)

Coconut donuts

Arugula and asparagus salad

Coconut rice pudding

Remus loves when I cook him good things. That’s part of my submissive service in his life. It makes him feel so good to accept my attention and devotion.



3 thoughts on “Something Yummy

  1. I have used GF all purpose flower for soups and stews using the same proportions as for regular flour. Works the same for a roux (for gumbo) although you do not get the same depth of flavor, it works and it is yummy.


    1. I found that Arrowroot powder is good for sauces. It is virtually flavorless and the texture is the same as corn starch…Have you tried it? Its pretty expensive for large quantities…but for a small cause using less than a half a cup of flour, it’s quite useful. Also, if you can get oat flour from a certified mill, you can get a product with lot’s of depth for times when you need cups full of flour for a large volume of sauce. It has no gluten naturally and yet has that gluey stuff that requires you to wash your cereal bowls immediately or face cement…so it has lovely texture for sauces.


  2. Have not tried the arrowroot powder at all. I don’;t care for aftertaste of cornstarch. And I don’t particularly like that it tends to separate after being frozen and takes some time to come together again when reheated (I make larger quantities and freeze for a rainy day).

    I like oats and so the oat flour might be an option for gumbo for my GR friends. I’m looking for that depth in a roux that you get with flour….


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