tumblr_m4ng1vkUL61rtbr97o1_500I am typing to you from a new HP with Windows 8. I think I like it. It has taken awhile to figure out where stuff is and how to navigate. It’s taken awhile to sort out what stuff I want to use and what I don’t. Windows has lots of proprietary crap on it…and I’ve become a Google fan, which has many of the same apps already that Windows 8 wants to use. I like all the back up for files. I have come to adore Google for the blessing of backups for all my files. When my other pc crapped out on me, I didn’t lose all my music files, which I don’t keep on a thumb drive.  I do love one feature about Windows hands down. There was no need to find and down load any files that allows me to use both the laptop screen and my monitor. Yahoo!! In any case, enough blathering on about the pc. I’m fairly sick of it after two days of setting up and transferring files and registering all kinds of crap. Oy! The process has even caused me to down load stuff on my phone. LOL!

The only other computer news is that Google Reader is defunct as of July 1. So I went searching for another reader service. I’m in love with Feedly.com. It took only the amount of time to sign into the Feedly service using my Reader user name and password and it was all set up for me with my entire list of subscriptions instantly available. It took another two or three minutes to set up preferences and I was done. I thought it would be a nightmare. They made it perfectly easy and simple. If you’ve got a reader service you aren’t happy with or you’ve got Google Reader, you ought to try it.

So on a sexy note, we are both feeling a little better so there’s been more sex lately. We still aren’t up to acrobatics…but it’s been really yummy sex. I’ll be glad when my lungs are healed so that I’ll feel like blow jobs again. I miss Remus’s yummy-ness…

Even if you aren’t Catholic, the news that there’s a new pope is big news. Here’s a person with great influence with much of the Western culture’s population. It’s something to pay attention to, because this man’s policies and viewpoints will help shape the future of many political issues in the world. I was realizing today that I’ve lived to see at least four popes before this latest pope. Some have been more thoughtful than others. I felt the recently retired pope Benedict was one of these thoughtful leaders. Hopefully this pope Francis will be a good ‘un.

Life is pretty good other than being really unfocused lately. Unfocused enough to make the battery in the car go dead because I left the lights on….which meant that I couldn’t go grocery shopping. I can’t seem to get anything done today that’s a big priority…only a bunch of little crap. In any case, I’m glad the fiddling with this pc is done so now I can get back to some serious work on studies.

Oh! And one more happy note. My bike trainer should arrive tomorrow…I’m going to get into biking shape over the next couple months. Yay!

Did I mention sex?

Oh yeah…I did. Nevertheless, I hope to make it clear that I want Remus’s all avid for me. ASAP.

Except there shall likely be consequences for draining the battery dead. Not the least of which is needing to buy a new battery…at least before winter sets in again, if not before. Bone headed me.

Oy! I gotta get focused.


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