Remus came home tonight feeling angry about something that happened to him, over which he had no control. According to the institution in charge of the situation, they acted completely within their rights… yet it was years after the fact and after he’d legal and appropriately rectified the situation. He was visibly upset. Very unusual for him. What he does about stuff like that is order things. So we went out and got kindling for the stove. He put his own shirts in the laundry. He did some other things and then he settled in with a beer and the paper. Gradually, he regained his sense of humor…but then he decided to tease me. One of his favorite things to do when he’s irritated about something is to spank me and or tease me. This time, he wouldn’t let me get the pizza crust mix out of the cupboard. I started out asking for help getting it because he’s a foot taller than me…but then I realized this would be an excuse to pick on me…so I got the stool. Then he decided that it was going to be really fun to stand in front of it and not let me get the mix. I was saved by the phone ringing! Yay!

Then later, he teased me about getting a thrill out of picking on me when he’s irritated. He just grinned wickedly and said that I liked it and we both knew it.

I didn’t say anything for a moment. I just screwed up my face in a comical scowl, we both knew was a joke. He laughed. I laughed and then I said quietly, “Yep. I love it. But you didn’t hear me say that.”

“What did you say?”


2 thoughts on “Teasing

    1. Hello again Heaven. As I said in reply to your last comment it is nice of you to join me. I intend this blog to reflect the sweetness of our love. It seems I succeeded well in these posts if it inspired you to remark. Blessings and please stop by again!


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