Life is good. tumblr_kunrsj6CPO1qz7dr7o1_500

The challenge this week has been lots of asthma and the associated tiredness. It’s been harder to get reading done because of lack of focus. I haven’t actually done any. I’ve managed to bluff my way through two of my classes despite the lack of focus and I’m sure I’ll get nice grades as a result of what effort I managed.

I have a busy weekend ahead managing my science class though.

Challenges were mixed with many blessings though. Living with Remus always brings me joy. He’s been solicitous  good-humored and comforting. I’m really grateful. Despite missing the snow, I enjoyed the really warm day we had recently. I opened the house up for a couple of hours and had happier lungs. The outdoors suggested spring and it pleased me to see it.

I am going to get to color for homework. That appeals to the little girl in me…not to mention I love science. I am going to do some chemistry lab work this weekend. It will be really fun to learn it.

No real sexiness to report. I don’t feel like it much when I’m struggling to breathe. Hopefully the changes the doc suggested to my treatment will make a difference and that little barrier to wondrous fucking with Remus will be out of the way. The thought the doc has is its allergies. I like that better than a virus…Which means that fucking should happen soon if the new medicine regime works!

I was looking at him today admiring his face when he’s solving puzzles. I just love looking at him. It makes me smile and today, I thought about how wonderful it would be to fuck him.

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