It’s snowing! I love it!

Saturday was a quiet day. We had a pajama day for the most part. We slept late, lazed around with the paper and ebooks, watched Breaking Bad and tidied up the house. I made some breakfast scones. They were gluten-free, with minced mushrooms, onion, garlic, rosemary and sausage. I love them. Remus thought they were mediocre at best. My viewpoint is, “Oh good. More for me!” Please note that I didn’t offer him any the last couple times I got them out for a meal. Mmmm….! He’ll just have to wait for a fruit mood to try another kind of scone.

On Sunday, we spent the day in the office. Remus did pc maintenance and worked on some emails he’s been putting off. He seemed really satisfied about getting that done. I focused on my homework. I had lots of it. About 8 hours’ worth. Today has been another 5 hours and I really should spend a couple more hours reading so I can get to work on more assignments tomorrow that can’t be done until I’ve done my reading. We had a nice chat last night about what we think is important for friendship and we also assessed some specific friendships. It was a good chat.

Did I mention it’s snowing?!

I’m hoping I can talk Remus into getting out the snow shoes for an hour, or just getting out there in it, even if’ it’s only to wander around the back yard to have a snow ball fight.

My sexy report is that Remus decided to grab me and fuck me. I was coming out of the bathroom into the darkened bedroom. During movie watching took note that he can’t entice or cajole or dominate me into blow jobs without the foliage in the front yard. I consider it crucial to visual privacy…so he decided to grab me in the dark and push me down for a fuck. It was exciting! “There. Is that private enough for you?”


I came very nicely thank you…and if Remus’s sounds were any indication, he had a bit of fun himself.

Oh yeah…and it’s snowing!


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