I say … and you think … ?tumblr_m5fbu9TDJO1r16v74o1_500

  1. Sophisticated ::
  2. Pelicans ::
  3. Flat ::
  4. Cheekbones ::
  5. Possible ::
  6. England ::
  7. Jacket ::
  8. Sunflower ::
  9. Hungry ::
  10. Accent ::

To play,  just copy and paste the list into comments…

Also, if you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to a post about making assumptions.

6 thoughts on “UM 522

  1. Sophisticated :: glamorous
    Pelicans :: large bills
    Flat :: wide
    Cheekbones :: curved
    Possible :: impossible
    England :: UK
    Jacket :: coat
    Sunflower :: picture
    Hungry :: man
    Accent :: Irish


  2. Sophisticated :: complex
    Pelicans ::fish eaters
    Flat :: round
    Cheekbones ::breast bones
    Possible :: plausible
    England :: Scotland
    Jacket :: coat
    Sunflower ::summer
    Hungry :: thirsty
    Accent :: MSG


  3. Sophisticated :: lady
    Pelicans :: fish
    Flat :: fish
    Cheekbones :: High
    Possible :: Try
    England :: UK!!
    Jacket :: cold
    Sunflower :: seeds
    Hungry :: food
    Accent :: travel

    Don’t normally do these, but having some ‘me’ time, and so have time to do something different. SO glad you put UK after England too……its surprising how many people tend to call the whole of the UK ‘England’ and forget there are three other countries in it!!

    Hope all’s well. Catch up soon. Let me know when you’re free.

    love and hugs xxx


    1. It’s a good point about the four countries bit. I think Americans aren’t that savvy about that. Love and kisses!! I look forward to catching up. 🙂


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