Busy. That’s the word for life at the moment, because vacation is over. Classes started this week. I’m going to be busy every day with course work. For the most part. I suspect that this blog will get some significant neglect as a result.

Life with Remus is really good. It is always really good. Last night he chased me through the house just to tickle me. We were both laughing hard and loud and it ended with fondling and fire cupping. We followed that up with dinner and movies. We’ve been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix lately. This morning, we got up slow and read a long, leisurely time. We took a shower together and slathered oil on each other to remedy very dry skin. That ended up with a session of squirting and fucking on the massage table. We made scones together, shared a bowl of yogurt and granola and generally enjoyed each other’s company…and that’s just yesterday and today.  Earlier this week, I gave Remus a blow job to brag about. It was wonderful enough that he woke up in the night thinking about it and spoke of it when he was half asleep, and mentioned it several times, marveling about its greatness, over the following couple days. Yep Life is good. It’s really good.

I am feeling buoyant emotionally. There’s more light, which always makes me feel good. Yoga makes me feel good. My diet has been pretty gluten-free the past few weeks, which makes me feel good. (I seem to have discovered the sources in my cabinets and chucked it or set it aside as “Remus only” mentally.) I have all I need which makes me feel good. Yep. life is good.

So…I have about $500 worth of texts that are going to rule my life for the next few months. Hopefully I master this material. In semester’s past, I just wanted to get a good grade and move on. This is the start of my study toward my career. I need to do better than merely get a pretty good grade and move on. I need to really master this material and make it a part of my skill set. That’s a bit more pressure than before…but it’s science. I love science.

It’s cold. I know that everyone is talking about it, but for some reason, my body hasn’t been whining about it that much. I have the right clothes for one thing. And I actually wear them. No fashion bug idiocy in winter for me. It’s winter. It simply seems natural to me that there will be cold and to prepare for it before I go outside. I’m really very glad winter is being winter for once. Last winter made me really sad. It felt like the world had changed dramatically and that Vermont got transplanted to southern Pennsylvania or maybe Maryland. It just wasn’t normal and I didn’t feel like I’d had any winter…plus without the cold of winter, we had a summer full of bugs that carried disease and which killed our trees and plants and we had unusual fevers and stuff we don’t normally have. This summer should be more normal with respect to all that last now we’ve had some real cold. People whine about this stuff, but it’s got many advantages…like not having entire counties full of Lyme disease filled ticks! I just love that we’ve had white stuff too. It is so beautiful! And I got to use my snow shoes.

Speaking of which…Haven’t been in a while to snow shoe. We need more white stuff. Lot’s more white stuff!


6 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. glad you are doing well. A and I got into breaking bad as well this winter. what a crazy show that is. that sounds like a BJ that will go down in the BJ HOF. :O)


    1. I’ll have to ask Conor if he’s got a HOF for BJ’s…LOL!

      Are you done with the BB series? It’s certainly crazy…We’re just a little into the 3 rd season at the moment. He’s just taken the job cooking for the restaurant owner and broken his partnership with Jessy. Should be fun to see what happens.

      It’s snowing here…and supposedly tomorrow it will be in the 40’s…


      1. that shows gets crazier and crazier, it is very well done. we are waiting for the last episodes this summer (finished all on netflix and amazon). it was 60 degrees today as the days are getting longer. .


        1. Thanks for the warning on the snow…We’ve got rain here today. All that lovely snow is nearly gone. Sighs…


    1. I love making him happy. It’s easy to do a good job when you care about someone’s happiness.

      Thanks for the well wishes!!


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