a4756d97It’s a question I keep returning to. What can I say, it’s winter and in winter, I become introspective…?

So that’s the question.

I understand purpose to be different from a desire…a purpose that is. A desire is something we’d like to do, something we want very much to achieve…but a desire, is not necessarily our true purpose. They can be the same, but not everyone knows what their true purpose is.

I used to think it was to be a healer or a teacher.

Perhaps it still is, but I feel a calling for something else. It’s a very quiet, but quite consistent purpose to write.

I just don’t know what.

A very smart person I admire told me that taking time each day to reflect and contemplate is crucial to personal balance and good health.

Today I am reflecting on my purpose.

I’ve arrived at no conclusions. Just touched on the subject. I am sure it will lead some where. It will be an adventure to find out where.

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”  Lou Holtz

Quoted from HyperSexualGirl

2 thoughts on “What is my purpose?

  1. I too have been considering my purpose, maybe more than usual recently given the changes to my life over the past year. I read a quote about purpose recently that struck a chord with me. Can’t remember it completely know, but I’m sure I saved it somewhere, so will see if I can find it again.


    1. I’d love to hear it if you find it.

      I have been slowly reading a series of essays about the Dalai Llama’s spiritual journey. He was remarking on the importance of knowing just what makes you happy and what makes you feel that your life is useful and productive…important to others beyond our own lives…All good concepts to mull.


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