tumblr_mcw1249kvG1rrgft7o1_500I don’t do resolutions. Those are promises we make about habits which fly in the face of all that momentum which rides along with the habits. I think every time I’ve ever done that, I’ve not been able to deal with the momentum and couldn’t keep my promise to myself.

So I don’t make resolutions.

I just set goals I’d love to accomplish. I don’t put a time limit on them. I just create a theme for the near future and see what happens. That doesn’t seem to make that momentum into an enemy, but makes my natural strengths into allies for good in my life.

This year I have but two goals…which are really one goal.

First is I want to embody self-love. For me, a self loving person is healthy, happy, confident and responsive to life as it happens without loosing balance or good health. A person who embodies self-love is fit and healthy.

Second is I want to embody love for others. For me, that means that I respond to people and circumstances with compassion, grace, actions that support and heal and which create connection that matters. A loving person is discrete, kind, pleasant, insightful and happy.

Obviously and ultimately it’s all about love, which is really just one goal.

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