tumblr_ltotx6I2ze1qeg95lo1_500Early in my life, I was a total night owl. In the last decade, I’ve become a happy morning person. I was up at 4am avid to do my yoga practice…At about 5:30 Remus wanted to know where I’d got to. I was not in bed where he expected me when he woke up wanting his girl. Naked and sleepy, Remus came down to find me at the dining table just finished with breakfast.

Seeing him standing there naked and partly aroused gave me a thrill. He’s just so sexy! I grinned, happy that he’d missed me and came to find me. I got up from my finished breakfast and trotted happily behind him back to bed. Peeling off my pajamas, I climbed back into my place beside him and he drew me close for snuggling and caressing.

When he was fully erect, Remus gave me what I’ve needed the past few days…a long lovely time with him inside me…rocking us both into orgasms. He teased me, forcing me to beg for his cock inside me, grasping at him with my legs and arms trying to pull him back inside me. Over and over he made me beg and then pushed his slick cock back into my juiciness and let me cum again on him…It’s the thing I love the best about sex…I love him inside me, rubbing all my sweet spots. He gave me a slow rocking. That’s the kind of rhythm that works wonderfully for making lots of cumming for me. The orgasms born of slow rocking are wonderful…they are different when he ruts with me. Hard, driving, rapid pounding is intense. I become hard and clenched up. Too tensed to have subtle orgasms. I love both. I love all the expressions of my ability to orgasm. Since Remus loves to pound me most, I don’t get subtle orgasms very often…and today, he gave me that gift. It was heaven. We even had an unexpected experience of squirting. Usually that’s something that only happens when he uses his fingers. It made for some lovely slippery fun. I could have spread my legs for him for hours…

Alas work demanded he get up in a different way. He gave me his pleasure…and got up to shower for work.

I sure do love that man…


2 thoughts on “Morning Juiciness

  1. This is the kind of intimacy that keeps a relation strong. Touching, hugging, having sex in the morning before work is a lost intimacy between todays couples. Get up just in time for work and not even a kiss goodbye. Wake up with and erection and I’ll take care of it tonight. Tonight comes, everybody’s too tired to go. We’ll do it this weekend. Oops, look who’s in a rut. I love waking up seeing my spouse getting dress and i’ll pull her back into the bed while she’s acting like she doesn’t want too. Only lazy cuddling in the bed beats it.. Thanks for reminding us …


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