tumblr_m4i9ojUgj11rt7v04o1_500I made some chili over the weekend. It was lunch time so I heated some up a couple days ago. I had half mine eaten and still no Remus. I text him exactly this:

Dora: “Lunch is getting silly man. Did something come up?”

He didn’t get my text until after lunch, He created humor about my typo…as usual:

Remus: “Why was lunch getting silly?”

Dora: “Ooops. A sign of distraction…there’s no “cold” in that sentence I text earlier. Silly man. ;)”

Remus: “That’s cuz it was chili. Silly girl.”

(I of course grinned and smirked when I read it.)

Dora: “Nice one.”



2 thoughts on “Goofiness from last week

    1. Indeed…that’s one of the intimacies I adore about relationship. It’s something I find important to celebrate. Thanks for commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚


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