A few brief suggestions…

  • Don’t look back at the bad stuff. Lots of people don’t even realize that they treat their lives like a pot of stewing shit. They set that pot on simmer and then muck about their life complaining, revisiting, and overwhelming themselves with all that yuck in their lives… Let the shit go! There’s a difference between taking an inventory of life lessons and figuring out what you could do better, and wallowing in the shit over and over again. If it’s not taking stock, to do better, then don’t even let yourself revisit it mentally. Especially don’t do that if all you’re looking for is people to feel sorry for you, to get attention, to generate some excitement. That’s not going to make you happy at all. Mucking around in the past looking for yuck to pick on yourself about or to garner attention is only going to breed and perpetuate misery and stress. Don’t do it.
  • Don’t keep score or stew over other’s foibles and mistakes either. It works exactly the same way, except now you are torturing someone else with all your mean thinking. Don’t do it…that’s the seeds of bad relationships and even relationship endings. People are not perfect and not required to be. People deserve love, respect and kindness. Certainly you deserve to create and enforce boundaries, but there’s no need to stew in the shit about it. Just let a boundary aggressor know they’ve transgressed or move on from the relationship…but no need to make them a villain in your drama. Score keeping and stewing over wounds, real or imagined is totally unkind and leads to misery and stress. Not theirs, but yours. Don’t do it.
  • Look for the most minuscule things to be grateful for. Make that gratitude tangible inside yourself. In fact, try to make your whole being smile with it. Do that every day as many times as you can think of it. Make this a habit. Pretty soon you won’t miss any opportunity to feel happy about your life and all the abundance it holds. Always do this. It leads to happiness.
  • Do loving things for yourself. I’m not talking about buying some luxury item. I’m talking about taking the time, even when you are busy, to rub your skin with lotion or oil. Make sure you eat healthy and regularly. Make sure you have wholesome things to drink. Make sure you get enough rest and that you get a hug from people you love each day. Make sure you act within your ethics so you don’t feel badly about your choices later. Think kindly of yourself. Be rational about who you are, but also kind about your foibles, mistakes and shortcomings. Ignoring yourself, betraying your beliefs and ethics, not taking good care of yourself makes you feel lonely, angry, irritable, deprived. Don’t do that to yourself. It causes misery and stress.
  • Smile. It takes less energy literally. Your body uses more muscles and more energy to frown, scowl and pout than it does to smile. You’ll literally be less tired at the end of a day you spend smiling, than one you spent frowning.

Just a little message from The Powers That Be via Dora…

who is reminding herself of all these after getting impatient with others negativity.



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