The other day, Remus was joking about finding me someone (male) to fuck. I knew he was joking and quipped and joked in turn, but I got serious with him too. I remarked that I can’t really see him doing that. I remarked that he seems to feel very possessive of me when it comes to men. I said that I didn’t think he’d ever do that…”Would you?”

Very definitively, he said, “No.”

I smiled at him and said that I’m very content with that answer…and now I realize that I consider this a rule of my submission, but also a simple relationship agreement and one that I feel emotionally safe and content with.

A few minutes later, I asked him if he felt the same way about women. (He’s very aware that I desire a relationship with a woman. When I first expressed this, he was concerned that he’d be replaced emotionally if there was any additional partner…)

“Fuck no!”…with a big grin and a hug.

So I guess that settles the lingering questions I have about polyamory and what direction we’ll take if we pursue it.


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