tumblr_kz1sfzWeqk1qz5enfo1_500The snow has been so wonderful! I’ve been really enjoying it. We went snow shoeing yesterday. It was lovely out. We went just before sundown with some friends. When we got up today we went out to play in the snow again. Although technically it is called snow removal. It was a pristine day and the snow is incredibly pretty. I’ve missed it. I may get tired of it over the winter, but after two years of almost no snow, I feel myself greeting it like an old friend.

Remus and I have been watching the Sons of Anarchy series on Netflix. What a complicated story with rather pitifully confused characters. It’s an engrossing story line despite my wish for characters with more sense. We’re enjoying watching it together.

I’ve been especially enjoying my yoga practice the past few days. No special reason…it’s just making me happy. I have reached a point where I’m holding the postures longer, moving into more advanced poses and doing more variety of them each session. A session used to take 20’ish minutes. Now it takes over an hour and it’s feeling more graceful and flows more naturally.

I got some gluten the past few days again. I don’t know where it came from. *sighs…* Sooner or later, I’ll get a complete list of products that are utterly gluten-free and I’ll be sure of them…and I won’t get any more exposures from home. I was doing really well it seemed, but I discovered in November that one of my medications had gluten in it. It was to reduce reactive air way disease, a type of asthma…which I mostly have because of gluten. I learned after I went off this medication that it was masking some of the symptoms of reaction, so I’ve had to go through all my product choices again…hence we’re still sorting out products. In the mean time I’ve discovered a fabulous blog who has also authored gluten-free cookbooks. I’ve obtained them and so far I like the results when I try the recipes. I doubt she’ll appreciate a link from a sex blog, so I’ll just suggest you do a search for Gluten free on a shoestring if you want to find the blog or the books yourself.

I’m still experiencing some low vitamin D symptoms. Then again, I’m still having gluten reactions…but it means I feel less engaged erotically. I am interested, but I will get distracted and can give up the idea of sex easily if there’s something else going on. Not my usual M O at all. Usually, I give chase for sex every day at any opportunity. I miss that part of myself, but it’s also nice to not want more than others can give me too…because I always want more. Being more equal is more comfortable.

Tonight we plan to go see Skyfall. I hear it’s pretty fun. At the moment, there’s a mushroom meatloaf in the oven for us, a chili in the crock pot for our New Year’s Eve party and Remus is napping.


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