tumblr_m2jjewLwHw1qkbew5o1_400I’ve been on vacay. Which to me means not touching this pc if I can help it. I’ve needed to do something with it though simply because it has to be ready for classes in a few weeks….so…I’ve sat at this desk and turned on this pc only twice in the past week or so. Once to delete a bunch of stuff off the pc and save files in anticipation of doing a system recovery. Next to investigate restore points that will solve a problem I haven’t had time to deal with since last spring. Restore points aren’t available beyond the past couple months, which means I’ll have to set this thing back to square one. That will require me to get  a Windows upgrade. I had a tek-ey friend look at this pc and over-haul it just over a year ago. It has W7 starter and he found that besides some corrupted files, and a simple virus, it was malfunctioning because it needed an upgrade. They’d designed the starter program to force an upgrade within two years of purchasing this netbook…which has been steadfast throughout my college career so far. He stuck some open source stuff in it behind the scenes to keep it going until I got around to sorting it out. I’ve ignored that chore of upgrading though…Luckily I can get an upgrade for less than $100 at last investigation because I can get a student discount. It will take me a day or two to get all the other piddly programs I like, such as Ereaders, Note + and my favorite open source browsers, loaded back in with all the attendant restarts involved with so many of them.

It is a chore that I don’t look forward to and I’d really like to spend my money on other things…but it must be done. All my measures to make this thing work reasonably have failed. I can’t even type on this thing without it getting bogged down and having to wait for the cache to catch up with me. I can’t have that sucking precious time up. It’s like working with dial-up. Argh!
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