When Remus leans over me to kiss me and fondle between my legs, I get so aroused. I get so very aroused that I unconsciously begin to clutch at him. It’s completely uncontrived. I feel compelled to do this…and the more aroused I am, the more I want to grasp.

How I clutch at him depends on his body position. If he’s lying beside me I do it with my hand, squeezing him in excitement. If I’m lying on the massage table, I start to feel like a babe turning her head for something succulent. I want to grasp him with my mouth. The fact that I can makes me even more intensely aroused. The fact that he can get it into my throat and not just my mouth so easily while his fingers are in me drives me wild. The grasping is…well it’s just very avid to say the least.

He’s just as aroused as I am and just as enthusiastic…. but then reality sets in. The angles I can get my head and neck into and the angles of his own shape standing up naturally make for (eek!) teeth scraping…

Sometimes he is reluctant to linger in my mouth for long because of the price to be paid. (Maybe we ought to work on how to get around the angles…) Other times his arousal goes beyond caring…all he cares about is getting his cock into my grasping throat…and making me squirt. The more I feel the head of his cock stretching my esophagus, the more I squirt, the more I squirt, the more he wants to stretch my esophagus. It’s a fun, fun, fun circle of fun…


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