tumblr_l0uf2j6ulL1qzsa3ho1_500Life is good…sweet…quiet. My big news is I got a new phone. I spoke awhile back about wanting an ipod and bunches of Ereaders because the companies that produce the Ereaders often have individual discounts on a book I might like to read. I didn’t want to keep track of that many devices nor spent the money on them. I ended up with a nice phone that is meant to be a crossover between a phone and a tablet. It is perfect for my needs. The only thing to complain about is the keyboard app on it puts almost all the punctuation marks on a different screen. It makes blogging from it less fun…but doable as you see today.

Otherwise life is quiet. Remus is off hunting with his buddies for a bit. I am on retreat here…my focus is meditation, some projects and my course work. I am enjoying time with just my cat and I.

I am happy to report that Remus and I have been having some yummy sexy times of late….lots of sucking and squirting involved…and massage too.

And by the way…I even have room for some images on this phone so you get a sexy picture to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Quiet Times

  1. Except of course that the wordpress for android sometomes malfuntions and wont let me move the cursor nor preview the post. Technology does not always give good service. Good thingI do.


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