Here’s the final installment…

Phaedra was in a cum haze, shaking and jiggling when Jon came back with a dinner tray. Her shoulder ached from fucking herself. Her hands were sticky with cum. Her eyes were glazed. Whatever the food was, it was in plastic storage containers and they were closed. It looked like only dinner for one. Jon set the tray on a bureau and walked to the bed. “Ready for some dinner my sweet girl?”

Phaedra nodded silently.

“Well it’s hot, so we’ll just have to let it cool a bit. In the mean time, you’ll earn your dinner.”

Wondering what that meant, Phaedra lay watching Jon through heavy eye lids.

Jon stretched out beside Phaedra and watched her hands working the toy until the timer went off. When it did he gently removed the tongue restraints. He whispered in her ear. “I’m going to kiss and suck all your spots…Are you ready?” Phaedra whimpered as Jon captured her mouth with his, sucking hard on her tongue, pulling it into his own mouth and caressing it with his tongue. He sucked so hard on her tongue it hurt. Then he grabbed her tongue with his teeth, sinking them in enough to keep her from pulling her tongue back. Licking at her tongue with his, he squeezed his teeth together. Phaedra’s whimpering increased. Biting a little harder, Phaedra protested enough to draw her lips back from Jon’s, trying to say mercy. Jon laughed deep in his chest and held on, while his hands found a nipple to spank smartly. When Phaedra started wriggling in protest, he started shoving the dildo in her to force her to cum. Soon, despite the pain, she was trying to kiss him back in lust. A moment or two later, he ended the kiss.

“Hold those tits up for me.”

Squirming both arms free, she lifted her  nipples up to his mouth. Jon, sucked the left one as hard as he could. His finger tips teasing her sore clit. Watching her face while he suckled her very swollen sore nipples, one after the other, Jon grinned. Soon his teeth got involved in that too. He set his teeth on one nipple, not squeezing, just holding, Gradually, he increased the pressure until he heard Phaedra protest, “Please! oh Please…!”

Jon responded with her nipple in his mouth. “Please what? Please make me cum more…?” He reached insider her vulva, gripped her pubic bone and forced her to squirt, but certainly not letting go his teeth. As orgasm gripped her womb, Phaedra’s breast bounced in his teeth, causing more “please…oh please!”

“Please tweak my clit again?” He pinched her sore clit harshly and then shoved his fingers down it’s swollen length like he was stroking the foreskin back on a cock. Again, orgasms caused her sore nipple to drag at his teeth. “Ahhh! Please!

“Please? Does that mean please fuck me Sir? Okay…” He rolled over on her, teeth still holding her nipple and shoved his hard cock in her again. “Please have mercy on my nipple. “Oh…” He slowly let her nipple drag out of his teeth. Rasping pain in her chest accompanied intense orgasm as he fucked her hard again.

He pulled out and rolled over as the orgasm and pain receded. Lowering himself to her clit, he suckled that a long while to. He had Phaedra writhing on the bed, begging for him to let her rest…to not stop…to have mercy with his teeth….

Awhile later, he lay beside her again, giving her another squirt or two.

“Are you ready for food now?”

“Yes Sir.”

Jon got up to get the tray. Phaedra couldn’t help but watch his body moving. He turned her on so much. Jon returned with the tray and opened the containers. There was juice, some quiche and some pudding. Mouth watering in hunger Phaedra levered her tired, cum-soaked body into a reclining position and reached for the food.

“Oh no. I’ll feed you. Your hands are supposed to be busy with that toy.”

Her protests sounded husky and seductive from all her moaning…”Seriously? You want me to cum while I eat?”

A swat on the teeth marks on her nipple, convinced Phaedra that protest was unwise. She put her hands to her groin and got to work.

Jon fed her mouthfuls and her hands worked…

Orgasm and food…working her mouth with her pussy without choking on her dinner was beginning to feel impossible.

“Please Sir may I have a break from cumming…?”

“There…now that’s all you had to do. I just wanted to see you actually get tired of cumming.”

Phaedra let her hands relax and opened her mouth for the hovering fork.

“I didn’t tell you to stop. Shove it in hard now.”

“Please Sir? Please?”

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