Here’s more…

The restraint went from tongue to clit and back again…and then Jon was back, still hard and anxious to use his girl. He stood with his pants open, his cock like a flag over the edge of the bed. “Give me your mouth.” Phaedra scooted to the edge of the bed, careful to not wiggle the tongue restraint that clasped her clit, which was starting to get sore. Turning her head,  Phaedra opened her mouth. Jon slid it in. His cock was swollen and throbbing in her mouth. Excitement made him shove it into her throat hard enough to thump her nose on his pubic bone. Gasping for air through a smarting nose, Phaedra pushed back with her hands on his belly. Jon ignored her, grasped her hair and pushed in again, but far more gently. Groaning. he pulled out and pushed her knees away from him. “Get on your knees!” Phaedra used the momentum of Jon’s push to carry her up on her hands and knees parallel to the length of the bed. She moved to point her ass in his direction and glanced over her shoulder, to see if she was properly aligned. Jon was climbing on the bed, putting him at a different angle. Shifting her crystal-studded ass to ease his access put the dildo handle in his viewpoint. He hadn’t asked her to take it out, just give him her mouth and then get in her knees. Phaedra saw him eye’ing the studded butt-plug and smiled to herself at his lusty expression. Phaedra was so wet the dildo was slipping out a little bit. Jon grabbed it, shoved it in hard and then yanked it out, causing a harsh orgasm. While she was still twitching with the orgasm Jon impatiently lifted Phaedra’s lower body into a more favorable position and pressed the tip of his cock against her labia. Finding the tongue restraint was in the way, he yanked it off. Gasping and tensing in a shock of pain, Phaedra wasn’t ready for Jon’s invasion…but he shoved his cock into her to the root. Pulling immediately back again, he rammed her again rapidly and then settled into pounding her with as much force as his hips could give. When that wasn’t enough, he gripped her hips and added the strength of his arms yanking back. Pain that was intoxicating drove up into Phaedra’s head. Going for his own ejaculation, Jon growled, muttered gutturally about “using” his “sweet juicy cunt…”

Phaedra’s pussy turned into a fist of unrelenting orgasm. She curled around the fist and just tried to breathe through it. “Open that cunt up…” Jon yanked at her hips, to get her attention. Loosing her balance, Phaedra fell on a shoulder, but not for long. Jon’s hands didn’t let go. He yanked her back on his cock again. “Push back…take it!” Raggedly gasping for air, her mind a haze of pleasurable pain, Phaedra’s thinking and emotions narrowed to being a tight, juicy vessel for Jon’s cock. “I said push back and open up!” Obediently, Phaedra pushed her sopping crotch back toward her and tilted her hips to allow Jon to pound into her without any restraint…but the fist grabbed them both again. Jon’s growling filled the room. Her fisting cunny muscles cupped the rigid head of his cock, making it into a rake that pulled all the juices out of her. It was running down her legs. His thrusting was beginning to be like a rasp inside her making her cum even harder. The fist expanded to her chest and neck, curling her up uncontrollably. He dug in his fingers in to control her bucking and yanked back without changing the rhythm. His ramming sent shot after shot of pain up the center of her body. No thought could penetrate. The whole world was Jon’s cock…Somewhere a disembodied woman’s voice was crying in pleasure and pain.

A few minutes later, a ragged groan escaped Jon’s throat and Phaedra could feel the warmth of his ejaculation inside her. Still cumming too, the orgasms softened into pleasurable spasms, each gentler than the last. Finally Jon rolled them both into two spoons and let their breathing return to normal.

When it did, he whispered to her to turn on her back.

Phaedra was slow to move, so Jon smacked her ass and hips until she complied.

“Good girl. Spread your legs…”

Moaning in protest, eyes closed in exhaustion, Phaedra opened her shaking legs. “Mmm….you are so wet…” Plunging fingers forced more orgasm on Phaedra…just when she thought the evening would draw to a close and she could nap before dinner. There would be dinner…Yes?

Not realizing she’d spoken aloud until Jon answered her, she heard his voice say, “In awhile…right now you should be focusing on what I’m doing to your cunt, not your stomach…Make my elbow wet girl…Let me feel you bear down. Do it! Clench my fingers as hard as you can…Now!”

Phaedra squeezed his fingers hard with her pussy and felt fluid gush. “Good girl! Again…”

Complying, Phaedra squirted again, moaning…

“That’s it…” Jon’s fingers shifted into a relaxed playing with the slick juiciness in her pussy, idly caressing her swollen gspot occasionally and causing shivers. “The room smells like cum. It’s your stinky juicy cunt making that smell. Are you my juicy cunt? My fuck hole? Is that who you are? Legs spread open, ready to fuck whatever and when I want? Are you? Are you my fuck hole?”

Phaedra answered each question in a daze, affirming whatever he said was true. Because it was. She loved it when Jon decided it was time for her to cum like this.

Jon began smacking Phaedra’s nipples and clit with his wet hand. Cum sprayed a fine mist everywhere with each smack. Occasionally, he’d stick his fingers back in to get more wet, so the smacks would sting more. After being clamped in restraints off and on for a couple of hours, they were all sensitive spots. Jon soon had Phaedra squealing, squirming and begging for mercy. Dipping back into her cunny, Jon forced several more orgasms, soaking his arm more.

Reaching out, he rolled Phaedra off the towels, pulled the top two which were most soaked off the bed. He got the dildo and handed it to Phaedra. “Put this where it belongs. I want to see my girl cumming. Get that timer going. Clip that tongue for me. I’ll be wanting to suckle all those sore spots after dinner…” Punctuating his words with a final smack on the inner thigh, he left the room. Phaedra only sluggishly did as he told her…plunging the toy in her very sensitive, swollen warmth…

Jon’s voice came in over the speaker. “I’m not seeing much effort from you. Let me see you pound that pussy. I want to see your tits jiggling from cumming right now!”

Phaedra gave a whine of protest, but plunged the toy in hard and started her boobs shaking and her belly rolling in a wave of orgasm…

“Good girl…keep that up… I’ll be back with some dinner soon and then you can rest… A little…”

More soon…

And by the way…Here’s what a tongue restraint looks like.

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