A work of pure fiction about Phaedra and Jon….

A stern, gleeful expression radiated from Jon’s face. “Kneel my dear. We’re going to have some fun tonight.”

Phaedra knelt. She’d already stripped before he got home, because he’d told her she’d better greet him at the door naked all this week; beer and paper in hand, with a smile on her face.

“Open my pants and make your mouth useful.”

Phaedra smiled and did as he requested. Soon his warm shape filled her mouth. He caressed her face and smiled down out her, watching his shaft plunging in and out of her face; made elfin-shaped by her efforts.

A few minutes later, still hard and not sated, Jon tells her to put his cock away and follow him. Tucking him in carefully behind the zipper of his pants, she gets to her feet and docilely follows behind Jon. In the bedroom, he pulls out the rope cuffs, the rope collar and the bed leash. As well he gets out a set of tongue restraints. “Wait here.” Leaving the bedroom, Jon rummages in the kitchen and then in the bathroom. He comes back with a Tupperware container and lid, some toilet paper and some baby wipes. He rummages some more beside the bed and comes up with a tower of towels and a chucks.

A smile spreads over her face as Phaedra sees the chucks knowing that means he intends to make her squirt. Jon’s not done though. He gets out a glass dildo and a crystal studded butt plug. These he piles on the bed and then, as he hunts for a few other things, he commands her to spread out a super thick layer of towels on the bed and to put down the container, tp and wipes on the throw rug beside the bed.

Before she’s half done, Jon is watching her, enjoying her nudity and nervousness at his intentions. When she finally finishes, he takes up the collar, cuffs and leash, then stands back to admire how she looks limbs and neck punctuated with white weaves of rope. “You’re my beautiful girl…” Ruffling her hair affectionately, he hands her a timer and tells her to set it for five minutes and then get on the bed and spread her legs.”Close your eyes.”

Nervously, Phaedra lays down, eyes closed and spreads her legs. Without preamble, Jon shoves a lube’d dildo in her, along with the butt plug. An expression and gasping moan of unexpected intense pleasure bursts from Phaedra with each invasion of her body. Playing idly with the dildo as he talks to her, watching her expressions. Phaedra’s eyes still closed, Jon explains that every five minutes her job is to move the tongue restraints. “One will be switched between tongue and clit. The other will be switched between nipples. In a few hours, you should be so sensitive, that suckling your parts will be rather interesting for us both… Between times, I expect you to stay hydrated because I intend to make you squirt when the whim hits. I also expect you to fuck yourself with this.” He demonstrates with particularly vigorous motions with the dildo. Moaning in response…Phaedra opens her eyes instinctively and watches the grins on Jon’s face. Not minding her disobedience about opening her eyes, he says, “I want a worn-out, sore pussy by the end of the day…”

Making her cum a few times, Jon enjoys the show of his girl moaning. The timer goes off and then Jon enjoys watching Phaedra struggling to do as she’s instructed in putting the tongue restraints on her tongue and left nipple.  Jon increases the vigor in his plunging dildo, making it harder for Phaedra to comply with his wishes. “Switch them around.” Distracted, Phaedra doesn’t respond immediately. Jon swats the nipple with the restraint on it. Squealing, Phaedra scrambles to comply, taking the restraint off her tongue to put it on her clit. Jon doesn’t stop shoving the toy in her, just moves his efforts out of her way. She gets it on her clit and then goes to work on her other nipple. “Good girl.”

Now that her mouth is free, Jon sticks his cock in it a few more minutes…

Restraining himself from cumming, he takes his cock out of her mouth when the timer next goes off. Still hard, he puts his clothes together and finishes with a final instruction. “This is where you’ll be until tomorrow morning. You aren’t allowed off the leash and the leash won’t be removed from the bed. You may not read, watch tv or use your phone without permission. Here’s a walkie-talkie if you need me. If you need more water, more lube or to do other business besides peeing, you may call me. Otherwise you are to pee in that container. You may not touch the floor except to stand and kneel on that rug.” Phaedra looked and realized she’d have to nearly leap from the bed to get to that rug. Also the leash was only just long enough to reach there for her to kneel to pee. Drinking all that water would surely mean lot’s of peeing. Kneeling there would happen often. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I will be in frequently to use you. You won’t be alone because I can see you and hear you with this baby monitor. I expect to hear and see you cumming, switching the restraints around when the timer goes off or peeing. You may not just lay there waiting for me to come to you. I have things to do tonight, but I want your parts ready for use at any second…keep them juicy for me.”

He puts the water bottle, the lube and the walkie-talkie on the pillow and lets the toy go. “Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Well don’t just lay there. Take over the work of keeping yourself juicy and ready for me.” Jon watches Phaedra reach down for the toy and begin plunging it inside, moaning softly in pleasure as she does so. Swatting her restrained right nipple, he growls a happy “Good girl!” before leaving the room.

Phaedra lays there masturbating on command…and sipping water… and moving restraints around…

Occasionally Jon’s voice comes over either the walkie or the monitor asking her to plunge the toy harder or slower…or to tweak a nipple or smack her clit…

To be continued…

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