I say … and you think …

Crying ::
Reluctant ::
Decade ::
Mustache ::
Water ::
March ::
Stripes ::
Friendship ::
Weirdo ::
Contacts ::

Nymphadora’s vocabulary words…



adjective :: Given to eating; voracious; devouring.

“Dora is edacious about Remus’s cock…”


verb :: To allay; to quench; to extinguish; to satisfy one’s thirst.
verb :: To go out; to become extinct; to slacken; to become relaxed.

“Rewards slake Nymphadora’s thirst for orgasm…which slake Remus of course too.”

Rod Cook

A Quote

Truth may walk through the world unarmed.

Bedouin Proverb

7 thoughts on “UM 509 and Bedouin Proverb

  1. 1.Crying ::Sad
    2.Reluctant ::Hesitant
    3.Decade ::Ten
    4.Mustache ::Hair
    5.Water ::Ballon
    6.March ::April
    7.Stripes ::Pin
    8.Friendship ::Important
    9.Weirdo ::Odd
    10.Contacts ::Glasses


      1. That did come to mind…but I have never kisses anyone with a mustache and hopefully never will….so I moved on to choice #2….I know that is against the rules….but hey, rules are meant to be broken sometimes….right?


  2. Crying :: jag
    Reluctant :: shaman
    Decade :: ten
    Mustache :: tickles
    Water :: fire
    March :: hare
    Stripes :: stars
    Friendship :: warmth
    Weirdo :: kewl dude
    Contacts :: lenses


  3. Crying ::sobbing
    Reluctant ::pensive
    Decade ::ten years
    Mustache ::facial hair
    Water ::fluid
    March ::step
    Stripes ::stars
    Friendship ::loyalty
    Weirdo ::Alais (sorry. It was the first thing I thought of. )
    Contacts ::eyeglasses


    1. Pensive is a good work. 🙂
      So is loyalty a good word for friendship…and you goober…If I am the weirdo, what’s that make you? LOL!


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