tumblr_mj7gel75H61qz5enfo1_500The weekend started with a blowjob in the kitchen. Sitting an a step stool is the most comfortable position for me when he holds my head for shoving his cock into my throat.

That bit of fun for us both was followed by some service in other ways…

Remus said to his friend: “I’m going to have Dora fix us up some lunch…”

Later…”Are you busy? I’m going to send you to the store for some hamburger and hotdog buns.”

Later…”Don’t worry, she’ll take care of the lunch mess. We can get back to work…”

Remus enjoyed feeling proud of me…proud of my cooking…proud of my enjoyment in making his house look nice and to keep things neat for his friend.

He enjoyed being my dominant…and he’s had fun this weekend working with his friend. They have a good brotherly friendship…and it’s very satisfying to be getting some more of these much needed repairs completed.

While he’s been busy, I relaxed with a book and sprinkled that with a few normal household chores, some cooking and some homework. A lovely relaxing weekend.

Even more satisfying is enjoying Remus’s dominance. And seeing him relax a bit, knowing that this very important repair is getting taken care of.


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