I say … and you think … ?

  1. Authorize ::
  2. Plunge ::
  3. Work ::
  4. Throttle ::
  5. Drill ::
  6. Toot ::
  7. Conference ::
  8. Hodgepodge ::
  9. Bumble ::
  10. Scandalous! ::

Just cut n paste into comments and type in your answers…Yup. I’m skipping Unconscious Mutterings #507…cause I can and not because it’s unworthy.

Aside from this…an update on things D/s with Remus and Nymphadora…

If Remus began to assert himself more than he does, what would I do?

He’s been a peer partner of late. Not a bad thing. I’ve had stuff on my mind and so has he. Life happens. I still have a collar on and he likes me to remember that he loves me…he likes me to wear it.

Am I more comfortable this way emotionally?

I don’t know.

Am I more comfortable this way sexually?

Perhaps comfortable isn’t the right word. I’d say, other needs for love making and equal partnership are being met…rather than being comfortable or uncomfortable.

Sexually, I haven’t had the energy. I’ve had some kidney trouble and it’s all I can do to keep body and soul together. I haven’t felt like sex. I’m interested…but haven’t had the energy.

I think it’s been interesting for Remus to have the interest, energy and not get any. LOL!

I miss spankings and knife play and feeling his dominance though.

Somehow, despite some changes in how things flow between us, I feel a deeper loving growing between us.

5 thoughts on “UM 508

  1. Authorize :: empowered
    Plunge :: ing cock
    Work :: home
    Throttle :: breath play
    Drill :: me
    Toot :: horn
    Conference :: meeting
    Hodgepodge :: mix n match
    Bumble :: bee
    Scandalous! :: nakedness


  2. 1.Authorize ::Allow
    2.Plunge ::Deep
    3.Work ::Hard
    4.Throttle ::Back
    5.Drill ::Deep
    6.Toot ::Horn
    7.Conference ::Agree
    8.Hodgepodge ::Mess
    9.Bumble ::Bee
    10.Scandalous::Bad ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Authorize :: permit Plunge :: fall Work :: exert Throttle :: control Drill :: dig Toot :: horn Conference :: gathering Hodgepodge :: unorganized Bumble :: messed up Scandalous! :: unnerving

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