Sarah Bishop

The costume party was fun. I nibbled what the buffet had to offer that was – I chatted happily with lots of friends and acquaintances. The costume contest was challenging. There were lots of great costumes. One was particularly hilarious and solicited lots of laughter from all.

The best part of the evening was having some girl time with a former roommate and getting to drive her zippy little car down there. As Remus only has a two seat-er and I’m a car-less chick, we piled in her car and she got chauffeured for the night. I loved the evening. We retired for the night just a little earlier so w could get her home. She had to work n the morning.

I had thought I’d get a positive result on a diabetes test that was done last week. I’m happy to say that the results were negative. I got treatment for something else though, that’s been making me pretty tired lately. Its kidney stones and it’s been two days since I started the meds.  I’m starting to see the brain fog lift. Prolly by Saturday I’ll be back to my normal energy level. I can’t wait!

I’m hoping a friend will call this afternoon…I’m longing for a nap and I’ve got loads of homework to do. Which will win out, I don’t know…

I was awakened to snuggling today and a hard cock on my hip. I love morning sex…I grow more in love with Remus with each week that passes.


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