Life is interesting….soft…fun…sweet.

Remus and I have had some really good talks of late. The connection of love and mutual understanding and respect feels so good to me. It breeds contentment in me.

I took a little trip out to to the doctor today. It seems that when my urine was cultured it showed sugar in it. It’s likely I have diabetes. Tomorrow I’ll go get another fasting blood sugar. The last time it was taken my blood sugar was high, but there was no sugar in my urine, so the plan was to keep an eye on it.

My rotator cuff is torn. Rehab is in my future most likely. Thankfully not for another few weeks. School has me swamped these days. I doubt it will let up for the rest of the semester.

I got a charming hair cut…at least it enchants me to see it on other women. Not so much on me. I don’t think it flatters me. I’m avid for it to grow out again. It’s very short though. That will take a while.

I have a costume party to attend. I’m going as a spring maiden. Lot’s of boob showing.

Remus has been sick the last week…a cold. I’ve had a corresponding sinus infection and a little more asthma than usual. I guess that treating my asthma this past year has made me less susceptible to colds. Yay!

I got to see the Dalai Lama give a lecture recently. I think that experience will stick with me for the rest of my life. He’s a charming, enchanting, very funny man. A real treasure of our times.

I’m enjoying my life…


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