…Languages for learning lately it seems. My life is technical these days. I’m writing web design code or doing college math. Very little creative process…lot’s of busy work and learning processes for how things work. Creativity will come a bit later obviously…but right now it’s all technical. It is a nice change of pace from earlier this year which demanded lot’s of self reflection…which is enjoyable and needful for everyone at one point or another in their lives…but a steady diet of it is tiring. I’m enjoying the challenges of learning math and code process. It has logic to it…a cause and effect. If you do this…then you get this. If you don’t do this, you don’t get the desired result.  I love the predictability of that. I love how much confidence in my ability to problem solve that’s being built into my character. I’m learning to listen more closely to my attention span. I think better when I keep within those limits. My work goes more smoothly. It’s more fun too. I never really thought about how studies challenge people to stretch who they are and how they think. One would assume that cramming knowledge in your head is all it is, but it’s more than that. It’s easy enough to memorize something, it’s quite another to put it to use…but most people can master those two things. A little practice and they’ve got it…but then it’s something else entirely to put together tidbits from many forms of wisdom to come up with something new, or to reach a new opinion/understanding. That demands, critical thinking. It demands being willing to be wrong, or to revise a viewpoint. It means being willing to risk failure too. I love to learn because I get to watch myself do all three steps and discover who I become when I’ve mastered something new. I love to teach too. It is so satisfying to see someone evolve and grow as a person because I gave them information and pointed them in the right direction…Which reminds me. This morning I woke after a dream about teaching. Which brings me to my punch line I guess…In general I feel passionate about the classroom and all the potential there for becoming a juicy human being.

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