Remus and I went camping last weekend. We had a Lake view and a very private site. There was lots of outdoor nakedness and lots of fucking. We had a fabulous restful time. This is the second time we’ve been to this campground. Both times we really enjoyed it. It’s on our list of fun things to do again next camping season. It was really good to see him relax. He’s been a bit stressed about all the changes and demands going on in his life the past few months, so he really appreciated the time to do absolutely nothing but look at the lake, sleep, take some walks, play board games with me and fuck me all weekend. He was doing lots of smiling…I love when he smiles.

My life has settled into a far softer routine than this past summer. I’m enjoying how much more time I’ve got for contemplation, writing and meditation. I’ve restarted my yoga routine and I’ve been doing a bit of biking too. Now that we’re moved into the whole household together after Remus’s wife moved out, there’s quite a bit more upkeep to the house than before, but I’m enjoying it. I am just about… sorted out from all the roofing injuries and so just about ready to start some fall chores like washing windows so they’ll be clear and pretty all winter… and just about ready to start a painting project that needs doing in the kitchen. It will be super nice to enjoy the fruits of those efforts all winter.

Remus decided that he’s going to wait to get the house on the market until spring. There’s still several more projects to be done that we just didn’t have the time and energy to do last summer…but which he hopes to get done this fall with what good weather is left. He plans to settle in here and just enjoy the winter and all the late fall activities he has planned with his friends.

I was realizing the other day that I don’t have fall plans. I should get some…Or perhaps I’ll just enjoy being alone here for a time. That’s just as satisfying as having my own late fall plans.

All in all, a sweet week was had and life is good.


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