The view outside my office window is a canopy of lacy green. I love to look at it. It feels like the trees are hugging me, giving me shelter. It’s why I chose to use this room as an office. I see now a bit of red showing up on the sugar maple. Soon there will be a brief canopy of red and then the stark bones of winter will show. I won’t be able to wander into the office naked for the winter. I don’t miss that much though, because it’s warmer with a layer of clothing on if I’m out of the blankets so it works out good. Knowing the green is close to ending makes me savor it though. I feel as if my eyes are drinking it in to store up for the winter. Winter white is just as good to me, but in a different way. It feels like a chill cleansing of the visual palate the way sherbet serves the mouth. It gives the eyes and the mind a rest from the profusion of summer and fall colors. I love winter and the slower pace of life. That lovely green is so good to me. I’m grateful for its canopy today.

Life is full of blessings now. I’m glad for it.


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