I love words. I collect words. I subscribe to all sorts of forums to learn new words. Here’s some that were posted since the last time I published such a post here:



adjective :: Leaping or skipping about.

adjective :: Jumping, or passing, from one thing or subject to another, without order or rational connection; without logical sequence; disconnected; immethodical; aimless


a frog leaps
from the summer moon
to a lotus leaf

A Haiku by Chen-ou Liu




adjective :: Exciting laughter; worthy to be laughed at; amusing.



verb :: To carry, as a burden.
verb :: To hawk or peddle, as fish, poultry, etc.
verb :: To intrude or live on another meanly; to beg.



Definition: (adjective) Resembling or made to resemble leather; tough but pliable.
Synonyms: leatherlike.

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