I say … and you think … ?

  1. Call ::
  2. Instinct ::
  3. Toffee ::
  4. Cleaner ::
  5. Gut ::
  6. Leveled ::
  7. Discover ::
  8. Together ::
  9. Attack ::
  10. String ::

Unconscious Mutterings is a brain child of Luna Nina. Each week a new post with cue words is posted. To participate, just cut the list from this post and paste it into comments. Next type in whatever first comes to mind as you read an entry. Sometimes words pop up again over months and years. You’ll find your answers are inspired by many things; mood, experiences and inside jokes. These can be conversation starters when we get a bunch of folks playing. I think George would approve and say it’s fun!

7 thoughts on “UM 500

  1. Call :: girl
    Instinct :: amygdala
    Toffee :: coffee
    Cleaner :: spray
    Gut :: instinct
    Leveled :: tool
    Discover :: card
    Together :: forever
    Attack :: verbal
    String :: quartet


  2. 1.Call :: waiting
    2.Instinct :: react
    3.Toffee :: caramel
    4.Cleaner :: comet
    5.Gut :: wrenching
    6.Leveled :: knocked down
    7.Discover :: card
    8.Together :: again
    9.Attack :: hit
    10.String :: cheese


  3. Call :: bird
    Instinct :: without thought
    Toffee :: bar
    Cleaner :: windows
    Gut :: feel
    Leveled :: water
    Discover :: learning
    Together :: now
    Attack :: sword
    String :: violin


    1. I like your response to instinct…most people don’t think of it that way. Also clean windows are on my mind. We had a population explosion of yellow jackets which determined to colonize the house. When remedies to get rid of them were applied, they crawled into the house. The house has been full of dead bugs for weeks and Conor’s been stung a number of times. There’s dried bug spray and swat marks on the windows from
      Conor trying to get rid of them. No stings my way…but then I didn’t swat them. LOL!


  4. Call :: phone
    Instinct :: ingrained
    Toffee :: caramel
    Cleaner :: toilet bowl
    Gut :: intestines
    Leveled :: flattened
    Discover :: find
    Together ::mate
    Attack ::molest
    String :: theory


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