Unconscious Mutterings is a word game. You cut and paste the 10 words into comments and then type the first word that comes to mind when reading each of the ten words. Sometimes the answers offer quite an insight into where you are in the moment. Sometimes words pop up over again and you notice that you answered differently. Give it a try. It’s fun!

I say … and you think … ?1535620720_cad29b2851_o

  1. View ::
  2. Yoga ::
  3. Giggle ::
  4. Raider ::
  5. Summer ::
  6. Debt ::
  7. Cleaning ::
  8. Sneakers ::
  9. Thwarted ::
  10. Recipes ::

“Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you.”

Māori proverb



3 thoughts on “UM 498 And Maori

  1. View :: finder
    Yoga :: matt
    Giggle :: box
    Raider :: Time
    Summer :: time fun camping
    Debt :: burden
    Cleaning :: bill
    Sneakers :: hot
    Thwarted :: frustrated
    Recipes :: Gluten Free


  2. View :: perspective
    Yoga :: slow
    Giggle :: fits
    Raider :: vampire
    Summer :: nights
    Debt :: owed
    Cleaning :: emptying
    Sneakers :: walking
    Thwarted :: detour
    Recipes :: to share


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