I am coming down to the wire on my course work. I have three more assignments to complete. Two must be done today. I’m procrastinating. I’m actually getting tired of writing. Mostly I’m tired of writing what other people want me to write. I’d love to have time for poetry and some essays on spiritual topics that breeze through my mind, but get ignored. I’d love to submit some erotic stories to some publishers too. I’ll be so grateful when I overcome this procrastination hurdle and get it all done. I’d really love to get it all done and relax.

Besides this hurdle of resistance to be dealt with, I am frustrated with the piles of stuff around the house that belong to others that I have to look at, or trip over or work around. I have been looking at it for months and I’m so beyond done with it. I like a tidy home. I like a home that is always ready to have company walk into and feel relaxed in. It is annoying me to see the messes. I can’t wait to clean it up during my vacation. This weekend, I’ve created a list for myself…getting the stuff packed up that belongs to others, getting the office belongings sorted out and arranged to allow furniture rearrangements next week and prepping for the painting job that will happen next week. Also packing up books and sorting out kitchen stuff into their new spots. That ought to keep me plenty busy. I’ll be so grateful to get that stuff done because the house will feel more restful and orderly.

Today, I’ve had the opportunity to share a little wisdom gleaned through hard experience. It is always good to pass it on. I count that as a blessing for the day.

I’ve slowly got the house back in order after we dropped camping equipment bombs into it. The bombs included loads of laundry, dirty dishes, food stuffs to put away, toys, sexy clothes, tents and sleeping accouterments, regular clothes and then add to that a few normal messes that get created just living in a house a few days…It was a mess and thankfully I nearly have it all dealt with despite the demands of course work. It feels satisfying to get it done. I count this too as blessings for the day.

I took a little walk. Despite the high humidity, it felt satisfying to help Remus out with an errand he asked for help with and to get a little exercise. My seat spread needs every excuse Remus can think of to get me off the office chair. I love walking. Yet another thing to add to my gratitude list.

There’s also this…

Last night Remus spent considerable time making me cum. It’s the first time in a long while that he’s lingered over me that way. It is sooo good to have relief from that ongoing pressure of my sex drive.

It makes me so aroused to think of what we shared too. The highlights were soaking a few towels and getting so many orgasms that I felt loopy and utterly relaxed. Also, we played on the massage table, which I particularly love because it puts me in a laying position that’s just the right height for sucking Remus’s cock. He took full advantage of that too. Sometimes he pressed the side of my face into the table and used his hand on my cheek to make my mouth tighter for his cock. Sometimes he grabbed my hair and held my head more closely to the side of the table so he could get his cock into my throat. It was wonderful to feel the sensations of my mouth and throat being lovingly well used. It is zingy arousing to me…especially when he fingers me to orgasm while he does this. Wow! When he’d finally wore me out squirting, he hauled me to the end of the table and ravaged me with his cock. I know he had fun because he groaned loudly as he came and with a deep frown of intensity too. He always does that when the orgasm is intense.

Later this morning in the wee hours, we woke up for more sex. This time I served him luxuriously. With my mouth, with my hands, with my cunt. I cupped him tight and massaged him while he fucked me…and at the end, I even did the fucking from below, so he could really relax while he lay atop me to cum. I love seeing him relaxed and happy. He was ready to sleep again when I washed cum from his body and then snuggled in beside him again.

Yet another thing to add to my gratitude list.

And last, but not least, my chili came out yummy. I’m looking forward to dinner. I am a fortunate woman. There’s much to be grateful for…and gratitude sure helps with resistance…

I found this in my inbox today:

“The Universe is a single life comprising one substance and one soul.”

Marcus Aurelius

Somehow it is always helpful to remember that I’m not alone with either reasons to be grateful or the things I struggle with.



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