Gradually in the past few months, our sex drives have done some shifting. Mine wavered a little for a few weeks. I had little interest in sex. I was tired and ill and just didn’t feel like it.

Recently, my sex drive has returned to normal. He hasn’t had interest to equal mine lately. He’s very interested. Once or twice, most days. I’m at my summer rate though. 3 times a day is a good start.

It’s official. I’m wearing him out. He’s given me permission to wear myself out some with a toy at my discretion this week.

Yesterday it was three times in the morning. I wanted another time in the afternoon and craved it in the evening…but I didn’t have time. Today I didn’t have time in the morning. Now I’m sleepy.

Busy. Summer is just way to busy to even take care of my own sex drive.

I feel like pouting.

And then I laugh at even the idea of pouting. I don’t really feel like pouting. Life is really, really good. Even if I’m not getting enough sex.

I’m happy. The man of my dreams wakes beside me each day. The man of my dreams loves me. The sun is shining. I have all I could possibly need right now. Life is good…really really good!

And I can’t help laughing because I want more sex. LOL!

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