Yep. I did.

Remus was very intent on giving me rewards.If you don’t know, rewards are making me cum with his fingers. I experience orgasm in a variety of ways, but this way is intense and only possible when he helps me. Since it’s not something I can give myself, this kind of orgasm is saved for a reward when he’s very pleased with me, when he feels like it and once a week in reward for service submission all week.

So…as I was saying. Remus was giving me rewards..

…and I wet the bed.

Generally, a chucks and a towel is more than enough. I don’t usually wet the chucks because we’ve not been doing rewards play for long periods of time. When we do, there’s cumulative fluid, so I need several towels. But these short bits of time we’ve been doing lately are not that messy, so one towel will do. The one towel rewards isn’t only because we’ve been sparse on time…but is mostly because it’s summer and in the heat I’m on the verge of dehydration much of the time. My body simply won’t make that much fluid.

But this time he said,”Squeeze my hand.”

“Like this?”

“Yes!”…not in answer to my question, but in response to a rush of fluid. He felt triumphant and aroused, so it was call for exclamations!

I was soaked and so was he. It even rushed up his arm and over my belly.

That was fun.

So we did it a few more times.



It was fun to make such a mess all over us.

However, we didn’t realize the bed was getting wet too.


All that fun spoiled by having to hop out of bed, get baking soda and pop laundry in…and then go use the other bed, which hadn’t been pre-cooled like the first bedroom had.

It would have been so much nicer to just get the usual cloth, wipe us both down, toss the chucks in the laundry basket and go to sleep.

I was reminded that I used to keep two more towels than I did this time.

Said comment was proffered with the tone that I should really have planned for a mess as that’s the point in the towels.

Point taken.

Always plan for Remus to make a really big mess of me.

But not the bed.

Got it.

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