I keep finding gifs that aren’t marked gifs in my files. How do they do that? It makes me sigh with frustration…and I’m about ready to give up trying to keep them off the front page. Grr…

I was supposed to be at a friend’s camp the past couple days. We had trouble with our vehicle, so it’s been on a jack the last two days. We’re still going…just tomorrow instead.

In the mean time, a fantasy has been in my mind the past two days…


I was getting ready to the do the laundry and pick up the bedroom. My arms are full, but I set everything aside and comply. When I’m standing naked in front of him, “On your knees right here.” He points to the floor in front of his feet.

I comply.

“Take out my cock.”

I gently work his hardening cock out of his pants, being careful of my long fingernails.

“Now suck it.”

When it’s out, it is partially hard and rapidly getting harder. I suckle his balls, frot his cock, lick it, and take it into my mouth, running my tongue over it lovingly.

When he’s fully hard, he takes my head in both hands and forces his cock into my throat a few times, grunting in pleasure. The room is full of my slurping and gagging noises. He lets me breathe and then pushes it in my throat again.

“Get on the bed cunt.”

I do.

“Bring that mouth closer to the edge so I can fuck it more.”

I do, opening my mouth for him. He pumps my mouth and I focus on keeping my teeth off him. He gets the angles right and gets it into my throat again and more gagging sounds join the slurping sounds in the room.  He’s making nearly inaudible happy noises and smiling as he looks down at his cock pumping in and out of my throat. When my gagging gets to be a struggle, he pulls out and orders me to turn and spread my legs.

I lay on my back with my legs open wide for him. He looks at my sex and decides it’s not suitably wet enough. “I don’t want to struggle to get in there. Spread it open for me.”

I lift my knees to my chest, still spread wide. I reach behind my legs and pull my cunt open with my finger tips, bracing them open against my thighs. I lay there open to him, watching him and his cock, waiting for what’s next.

He squirts lube directly into the spot his cock will go and closes the bottle. ” Leave that cunt open for me.” I continue to hold the lips wide open and he grabs my clit, slick with lube that missed the fuck hole, squeezing and jerking it like a cock with a foreskin. Soon he has me cumming. I can feel lube drooling over my anus, tickling.

He leans over me, cock poised, “Beg for it.”

Aroused as hell, I do.

He leans one foot beside me on the bed, pushing his cock right to the opening. I can feel it on the backs of my fingers, rubbing. I beg more.

He leans both hands on the bed and plunges in, bending to capture my ankles with his shoulders. “Keep that hole open for me.”

I do, feeling his cock rubbing my fingers as he thrusts. Feeling myself gripped in orgasm, turned on so much from his domineering approach. It feels a little humiliating to hold myself open for him. He stops a moment and reaches under my knees to push my breasts out from under my knees so he can see them better. “Hold them there so I can see them.” I hold my knees open further back to cup my breasts. He resumes fucking me, watching my boobs jiggle. So there I am being treated like a love doll…a hole for him to fuck. He’s looking at my tits and my spread-open hole that his cock is disappearing into instead of into my eyes. I am in the grips of orgasms and I can’t stop cumming when he’s ramming me with this angle. “That’s it. Nice tight cunt. Make it tight on my cock. Grip it! Hard as you can.”

Another orgasm slams into me and I’m gripping it as tight as I can without trying. “Nice…Nice fuck hole.”

He glances at me and I see a flicker of his love for me. He smiles and then draws a sheet over my face loosely. “Nice fuck hole. My sweet fuckhole. What a good girl you are giving Daddy a juicy place to cum. You please me my slave. My please me very much. What a special slave I’ve got.”

I cry out with arousal and orgasms and he pounds me even harder and then suddenly pulls out…obviously trying to hold back his orgasm. He yanks me up off the bed, kisses me hard on the mouth, bites my neck, pinches my nipples and tells me to get a chucks. I do, shaking all over from orgasms stopping suddenly. I spread them out on the bed and lay on them. “Arms above your head.” He puts them into restraints. “Knees back the way they were.” He pulls my breasts between my knees and I hold them there. “Now hold still in that pose.”

Fingers find my gspots and force juice to squirt from me. When his elbow is soaked, he climbs on me again, covering my face again, muttering with his teeth clenched, “Gonna fuck my fuck hole…my juicy sweet fuck hole. My tight little girl fuck hole….” Soon he’s squirting deep in me, to the song of my moaning and crying from orgasms.

When he falls over on the bed beside me, he mutters, “Stay like that. I’m not done with you.”

I can hear his breathing slowly return to normal. My hips are cramping and my face itches from the cloth. When he rests a moment, he rolls over to me and rubs his wet cock on my leg, putting his fingers in me again and going for more orgasms…he uses his hands alternately, forcing me to cum a long while…

I’m bruised and sore…my face is still covered. I beg to let my legs down. He lets me, but keeps at my cunt, forcing me to cum until I’m hoarse with crying and moaning…sometimes he uses a glass toy to give his hand a rest. He uses the toy on me or finger fucks me until he’s hard again and until I’m begging him to stop.

“On your knees.”

I slowly, very slowly comply, exhausted, soaked with sweat and cum and panting. When my ass is in the air, he pounds my sore, swollen, bruised cunt again until he cums. It takes longer this time because he came earlier..Crying with pain and pleasure, begging him, but not knowing why. I don’t want him to stop even for a second. I want to be this exhausted and begging him. I want to be driven mad with pleasure and pain. I don’t think I can stand it if he doesn’t stop because my cunt and my whole body are exhausted, are used so hard…so I just chant please, please, please… some quiet corner of my mind marvels at how he’s got control of my orgasm…I can’t stop cumming…and he just pounds me mercilessly.

He bites me hard on the shoulders and spanks me in time to the thrusts…Finally he cums again. He falls over on the bed to rest, pulling me with him. It takes a long time for the spasms to stop. Gradually they do. I lay exhausted, hands tied, but even if they weren’t I’d be unable to move.

“It’s time to get me a cloth sweet slave…”He unties me.

I lay gathering my strength and then pull myself out of the bed. I pee while I’m in the bathroom, wincing as hot urine runs over my swollen sore sex. Standing I grab a cloth, I run the cloth in the water, vacantly watching it get wet. When it is, I wring it out and bring it to him, washing his hands and then his thighs and belly, his pubic hair, his balls and his cock. Methodically, exhaustedly I wipe him clean to finish the ritual of sexual service to him. When I’ve wiped myself up too, I pull the chucks off the bed. Finally, I get to lay down with him and he thanks me quietly  for serving him so well, he cuddles me and holds me close, smiling. A few minutes later into the silence of my breathing, when I’m almost asleep. “I’m so grateful for you…I love you Nymphadora…”

I can barely force out words. “I love you too Sir.”

I fall into a deep drowse, grateful and sated with submission and with cumming, feeling the buzzing in my flesh from his attentions, feeling the ache and throb of the deep juicy pocket inside me that he just finished bruising relentlessly and loving every second of it…and loving being used…and most of all, loving being held and cherished by Him. Our bed, this place of peace and sex is a good place to be.

An unedited version..

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