This morning, I woke wanting to touch Remus’s skin. I began caressing him last night, but he was too tired to respond to me wanting intimacies, so when I started idly caressing him this morning, he was in the mood and rested enough that for him it was arousing. For me, it was relaxing…until he started touching in return. He rubbed my back and my belly and reached between my legs to caress my labia and play with my clit. He suckled my nipples. He suckled my clit to which was a wonderful treat…Yummy…His tongue feels to good…and he played with my pussy to get me to squirt. I almost never truly squirt in the morning. I”m dehydrated, so I just get lubricated normally. It’s the one time he can really play with my cunt and not worry about whether we’ve got a chucks to protect the bed. He took his time and I got some lovely orgasms, which I thanked him for. Finally he mounted me and immediately began to pound me. It wasn’t long before my head was banging the wall. He leaned back on his heels and yanked me down toward him by the knees. I love when he manhandles me! He pulled my ankles up around his ears and used my legs and breasts to lean on while he returned to pounding me. The alarm went off, so he stopped lingering and just fucked me hard until he came deep in me. I was treated to his moans and the sensation of his cock squirting in me while I cum all over it.

What a lovely interlude! I want more…

He enjoyed teasing me at lunch about it too. He teased me by biting me, and running his fingers under my skirt and by reminding me what a nice fuck we had this morning. Then he turned and left, stating there’d be no masturbating for me this afternoon. Obviously that means I’m not even allowed to ask.

I would really like to cum now.


And it’s frustrating to know the answer is no before I even asked…


I’m also really amused.

I love that our power exchange includes orgasm control. I love that he’s got final say about when and how I get to orgasm. I love that he’s the source of my orgasms, even if it’s not his cock or hands that causes it. I don’t even idly play with my clit without permission to have orgasms because touching my clit at all causes orgasms. Therefore I have to make it off limits without his approval to touch it.

Other partners have wanted me to give them orgasm control. I didn’t want to. I was aggressively opposed to control of something I find so spiritual. Yet with Remus, it’s a spiritual experience, a happy, joyful experience to give that submission. It is a form of worship to me to give him my body and my heart unconditionally.

That makes me smile in every way. And I never get tired of saying so.

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