Last weekend was lot’s of fun…and we wore ourselves out.

Saturday we got up and loaded up things we might need to play together at a party we were invited to. When we were loaded up, we went hunting some dining room chairs. We’re hunting for the perfect chairs. They need to match either of the tables we own. They need to be short enough for me, but not too short for him. I want upholstered chairs that will be comfy for sitting in long periods. No arms. And we’ve realized we shouldn’t choose leather because my pesky cat will surely stick his nails in them and they’ll soon look terrible, so fabric is another additional requirement. We also want something that’s a neutral enough color that we need not worry about them matching some new home when this house sells. We’ve found some nice or very fun chairs we like well enough, but they aren’t exactly what we’re looking for so we headed to our next stop, which was the gluten free bakery we learned about a couple months ago. Yummy!! We’ve been enjoying what we bought there the past few days.

Loaded up with baked goods, we headed to our party.

When we got to the party, we were greeted by old friends and some new. It wasn’t long before we got Remus installed on a table for a massage. I had him all oiled up and put some body butter on his rough calloused feet. He was a puddle. Gradually, the area cleared as folks saw me nearly at the point where I might want to give him an orgasm. We appreciated their over all discretion, but folks were still coming and going now and again as I jerked his cock off. It was lovely to see him enjoying my service. He lay relaxing a long while, even dozing off a little.

Eventually, we sat outside enjoying the weather and food with our friends a long while. Strawberries, cherries and crystallized ginger were among the treats. Yum! It was a lovely afternoon and early evening. My belly was especially happy.

At one point during the night, Remus put me on some play furniture and played with me a long while. Caning, paddling, knife play…it was lovely and floaty. I really enjoyed it.

When he got me up, we went for snacks and chatted up some friends….who happily arranged for me to play with one of them. I got to top a man who loves cock and ball torture. Yummy!!

He had a toy I’ve longed to play with. It’s shaped like a very wide cock ring, but it encloses the cock or the balls via a lock and there’s dull spikes in it. God that’s fun! I pulled on his foreskin and banged it with toys and my hand, picked it up and dropped it. It was very fun! And when I wasn’t torturing his C&B with pain, I tickled him. Listening to him giggle and moan was such a pleasure! Eventually I turned him over to his Domme and went to do some fire cupping with Remus. I’m covered in bruises, but my shoulders feel better than they have all summer with all this pc work I’ve been doing of late. Thank god!

We drove home far later than we thought he would happy and me very horny because I never came while we were there…but I was tired enough not to care.

We fell into bed at about 2am…which is incredibly late for us. We’re early risers instead of night owls as a rule.

We got up Sunday and meditated together, came back and without lunch took a nap. We had a very late lunch of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with spinach and feta gluten-free bread..and for dinner we had meatloaf and salad. Basically, we lazed and slept and ate away a quiet Sunday.

Such a nice weekend!

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