tumblr_muc8xblYEQ1rrgft7o1_500I worked from 7am yesterday until midnight on a paper I had due…and with very few breaks. I had terrible writer’s block for this paper. I couldn’t seem to collate my thoughts into a cohesive sentence, let alone a paragraph. I started my writing on the 10 page minimum paper at 7am yesterday. It was luckily a first draft paper, not a final thesis or my grade would be in trouble. Needless to say I was utterly sick of writing by the time I got the paper done last night. I was tense, and my whole body was stressed. I was over tired and had used only one part of my being all day long…All the rest of me had excess energy.

I was horny too.

And of course Remus, as a responsible and tired adult himself was sound asleep by the time I was free to spend any significant time with him.

So I took advantage of the permission I got first thing yesterday morning to use a toy. It was the only way I could go to sleep. Even so, I had to read myself to sleep with a flash light. I still woke him up with even that much light.

Oddly enough, my orgasm didn’t remotely touch the overcharge. I’m still too keyed up to sleep well. With almost no sleep, I’ve already been up and back at homework. Oy!

I would really, really love to spend an evening being made love to in every mood. Soft, lingering, sensual, juicy…full of rewards…and driving, pounding, painful…

I really want to give Remus some lingering attention. I’ve had the massage table all set up for days. I’ve been so tired and preoccupied, he’s not had any attention at all when it comes to massage, which he loves. I often feel like there’s so much to do that by the time I get done doing all day long, I just want to be a vegetable.

I think we both need to set aside the phones, TV and the chores for some focused trading on the table…I’ve noticed that each time we start that, we’re so tired and so stressed that one or the other of us poops out and falls asleep. We are doing too much emotionally and physically. Both of us.

Thank god vacation is coming up soon for us both. Just this week + three more and we’ve got two whole weeks to recharge together. That will be so good!

Now if I could just relax enough for a nap today, I might be able to share some fun down time with Remus without falling asleep on him.

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