I generally write on far more diverse topics than I have in several years on a public blog. This isn’t the only sex blog I’ve ever owned. Even on sex blogs, I tend to write about spirituality, gratitude and other topics that piquéd my interest. In this blog, I’ve kept on the topic of my relationship with Remus almost exclusively. I’m feeling the need for a musing aloud about more types of topics and yet I’d still like to muse more anonymously than I can on my spirituality blog which carries my real name.

One topic I’m mulling over these days is how I can find time and energy to host viewings of Gasland. It’s something I’m feeling suddenly very passionate about. I’m determined to do some advocacy about it and to try to get some other folks involved I know and love.

Another topic is core for me. I’m mulling over a course of inquiry I’m taking this summer. I’ve studied it and mulled it for years of my life and now I’m trying to gather an academic language about it so that in my professional life to come I’ll be able to be concrete with folks for whom this topic is anything but concrete. The topic is related to my field of interest Respiratory Therapy. I’m interested in integrative medicine personally for my own health, but also as a future professional. The integration I’m fascinated by is breathing meditation…but not just breathing meditation. It’s not enough to just breathe consciously for folks who are really ill. There’s got to be more to it because there’s emotional and intellectual duress involved in chronic illness.

I’m also mulling over what kind of friendships I want to gather to me…where such folks could be found…and what kinds of community experiences I want to nurture. The one’s I’ve been giving my time to are shallow compared to what I want to experience…How to make happen what I’m feeling in sore need of?

So anyway, I may write more about these topics in future. They aren’t titillating…but they are passionate and close to my heart.


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