Remus was teasing me about my use of the word “bad.” I have a bad habit of using “bad” for emphasis in incorrect context. Such as, “Your chimney needs re-pointing very badly.” I had remarked before lunch how I’d wanted to fuck him very badly when I woke up this morning. He started in saying, “You don’t want to be fucked badly. Who want’s to be fucked badly? I want to be fucked well…although being fucked badly is better than not being fucked at all.”

Of course I pouted, he smacked me in the face playfully, which is his way of reminding me I’m submissive and to “smart’en up.” I got smacked because I posited with playful indigence, if he’d “ever been fucked badly by me?” He thought a moment and then said “Not that I can recall…but [he’s] sure [I] must have at one point or another.” I was playfully insulted as he’d intended and said that I’d “never once fucked him badly~” He just grinned and so then I asked him if I’d sucked him badly. He said, “I’m sure you have at one point or another too.”

This of course is utterly contrary to what he’ll say when he wants me to feel complimented.

One should always note that Remus only teases like this when he’s utterly sure he’s enamored with someone or something. Otherwise, he won’t say anything. He’s not prone to lying, neither is he prone to saying things just to pander to ego.

I really do feel the urge for fucking and sucking…

The man is in the other room. I will have to go see what I can do about getting him hard…

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