I watched a most disturbing documentary last night. It had me in tears before the end. I went to bed without seeing the last bit because I just couldn’t take hearing any more about how bad this is and how helpless people are to do anything about it because it’s completely legal thanks to the Bush administration…

I woke up with nightmares about it. It’s called Gasland. It’s about natural gas fracking. It’s deeply disturbing to know the land is being polluted like this and that people are dying. Our country is being ruined for future generations…I am beyond sad.

The documentary may be streamed via Netflix. Here’s a homepage about it too. I’m going to write my elected officials and protest this. We have to repeal these laws and we must repair the damage as much as we can.


Here’s a link for writing your representatives! Please do this…Please! Oh…and there’s other information on Josh’s website too. I have never been so fired up about an ecological and health issue as I am about this. It’s criminal…!




adj :: Highly excited or eager.




adj. :: Attaching disgrace; reproachful; scurrilous

adj. :: Infamous; despised; rendered hateful



Definition: (noun) The capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions.
Synonyms: judgment.

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