The last few days,Remus has been putting on my sleep collar and leashing me to the bed to sleep. This morning he found me unleashed. I guess I’d been too sleepy to re-leash myself after I peed this morning…He sternly re-leashed me, drew me close using the leash and kissed me. Then he pushed my head toward his cock. “Suck me.”

I did.

When he was very hard, he rolled me on my back and played with my cunt a long while, making me juicy and teasing me about not having a chucks to keep the bed dry. It was in the laundry. Basically that means there’s a limit in the way I can orgasm. There can be no squirting….no rewards. So he diddled me with his fingers, building my desire. When he’d got me plenty juicy, he ordered me up on my knees.

He kneeled behind me and buried himself in me.

Then I felt his knife in my skin. As it slid over me, lightly scratching His marks into my skin, his cock moved, rubbing orgasms in my core. All I could do was breathe and cry in pleasure.

At the end, a hard orgasm clenched me, which fisted Remus’s cock and spurred his orgasm. We came hard together.

This isn’t the first time in the past few days he’s got out toys. He tied me to the bed on Friday. He got out a flogger and stung my back with it. He spanked me with his hands. He put nipple clamps on me and tortured my nipples with his fingers before, with the clamps and after he took them off.

I realized something this past weekend.

This thing we do has become casual…natural…no different than asking oneself, “Will I fuck doggie style or do a 69 today? Beating me, dominating me, using me, making love to me…they are all the same thing…and that feels as natural as breathing or bringing him a beer when he wants my service.

I love our sex…I love our power exchange…I love the dynamic between us. I love Remus!

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