On Wednesday, we rested, fed and watered Remus, who felt progressively worse as the week progressed.He didn’t feel much like budging from the bed all day. I didn’t mind a day of rest myself. So we took it. We watched lot’s of movies. Played Words with Friends and read email.

On Thursday Remus woke feeling much better. We ate breakfast on the back deck and then got busy cleaning and rearranging a few things in the kitchen and talking about what other changes we’d like to make. He got busy on some projects in the kitchen after that, while I returned to the back deck to work on a research paper. Finally, we’d got hungry again and went out to lunch. When we were done, we stopped at the local chocolate store and got some bark. One with coffee nibs and pecan bits and another with pistachio, cranberry and chilis. Yum! We stopped at the farmer’s market and got some fresh eggs too. When we were done, we went to Lowes and got some materials for a project. Then we went to meditate. Nice day. Really nice day.

This morning he’s off and running. He’s already at work on his projects. I’m back at work on assignments and we’re busily waiting for his wife to come and get more moving done. Hopefully she’ll be all done soon. We’re getting tired of waiting for her to be done…and she’s getting impatient to put the house on the market. He’s prompting her moving efforts by refusing to put it on the market until all her junk is out and cleaned up. She seems more motivated now on paper. I guess the proof of her motivation will become clear shortly.

At some point today, we’ll be going for more materials for Remus’s projects. It’s the last day for a sale he wants to catch and it’s a good excuse to get away from his wife when she gets here.

My former husband has been on my mind a great deal lately. I’ll be seeing him soon. Lot’s to process there. Stuff to let go of still. Distractions really. It will be interesting…

Tomorrow I begin a meditation process which will last from the 7th to the 15th. I’ll be away from the blog for that time. If I have time I’ll pop some little posts into the scheduler for publishing while I’m gone…otherwise all will be silent around here. I hope you’ll enjoy life and the weather while I’m gone…Please note that comments will still be moderated, but I’ll happily read them when I get back, so don’t neglect me…!

I’m hoping for lot’s of mail to read when I get back… 🙂

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