There are some important moments for me with regard to the man that Remus’s wife is living with now. This is a post for the fire…I’ll eventually get rid of it, but it’s stuff I need to let go of..It’s longish…A little bit ranty too. Fairly warned.

Once upon a time, very briefly, we were lovers. I became immediately charmed by him. I’ll call him SD for the sake of clarity. When I first met him, we sat and talked a long while. The longer we talked the more we liked each other. At least it seemed that way to me. He eventually asked me what I wanted in a long term relationship. I told him. He remarked that this sounded compatible with his ideals.

We dated a couple times over a period of a couple months. He talked on the phone with me most days of the week for weeks. He seemed to really like me. However, he was dating quite a few women. I remarked to him a number of times, that I am looking for a person I can rely on to be std safe…that I wanted a person I could see frequently and dispense with condoms. I also didn’t want to do this thing he was really irritating me with. He kept making dates with me. Then he’d call back and juggle the time or event change dates to times which were weeks later than the original date he was breaking…all so he could fit another woman in to his weekends. “I want to fit everyone in.”  It was incredibly annoying. I felt like I he wanted me to line up beside his bed with a number. I told him so and said that while I was fine with being poly, I don’t want to feel part of a herd. I want to feel that I’m special enough to not break dates with. I told him that if he made a date with me that I expected him to keep it and not change it, else just don’t make a date with me at all. He began to curb this behavior…but he never completely eradicated it.

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