We had a nice weekend. Friday night we stayed in and relaxed. Remus was especially tired, but we had some nice experiences with his kids this week. I got to meet one of his kids when an engagement was announced on Thursday evening. That was lovely! Another child came to visit and help with a house project on Sunday. Remus was glowing by the end of the weekend. He really lights up when he sees his kids. That makes me happy to see.

Remus and I spent the day in Burlington on Saturday. We spent time shopping for materials to remodel the house. We got a few Gluten free groceries which can’t be purchased at our local grocer. We turned in the key to my mail box in Burlington. I’m an official resident at Remus’s house now, mail and all…for as long as it takes to sell the house that is. We found the shop that has Gluten free pizza. It looks nice. We didn’t get to eat there though as it’s a new spot and they are only open for dinner just now. Lunches will come in future they say. So we’ll try again this week when we next go into town.

While we were in town Saturday, Remus’s wife came and went. She moved a few things out. There were some surprises. For some reason she’s been pulling up the raised beds? Why she’d destroy a feature that makes the house attractive to buy, I don’t know, but she didn’t take them with her, just yanked them apart and left them that way.  Anyway, there’s still some more to get moved. She’s got some messes here still, but it’s slowly getting moved. She left a note saying she’d be in touch about moving more stuff. At least she’s communicating better.

Remus and I plan to get some new dining chairs and we plan to do some more rearranging next weekend. Hopefully there won’t be any fall out from that enterprise…It will involve making some piles of her belongings some place so it’s out-of-the-way of rearranging those rooms to suit how we’ll use them and to try to make them suitable for selling the house.

Over the course of a few conversations with two friends in the past week, I’ve been told that there’s still nasty comments being passed around about Remus and I and her viewpoints of things. She sure is lucky that Remus and I aren’t gossiping about her in turn. She’d come out looking rather ugly and criminal…

And the thing is? I can see the good in her still. She wrote something thoughtful recently on Fetlife that outlines a loving, intelligent person.

I’ve been thinking about doing some writing about my relationship with the man she’s now living with at some point…I feel a need to clear the air about that stuff…

In any case…On to fun topics…

We had a sexy weekend otherwise. Remus enjoyed his cunt Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening. Twice Sunday morning and again last night. That’s our average weekend activity when there’s enough privacy for it. Sunday was especially hot for me. I rode him two of the three times. I sucked his cock two of those three times before and after, when I cleaned him up. He was enjoying giving my nipples attention Sunday. I love long, hard nursing…and he hadn’t shared since Thursday morning, so he had a lovely beard to rub the nipple he wasn’t sucking on. I was in nirvana…and I enjoyed having a little more control over how long I got to have his cock inside me. He fingered me and made me squirt. He banged me hard that time with him on top using my breasts to pillow his hands. He did lot’s of cunt  and ass spanking this weekend too.

Sex is always so good with him.

What made me feel especially happy is that after I served him Sunday night, he put my sleep color on and leashed me to the bed. I slept collared to the bed all night. It made me very happy to feel restrained like that…and to us, being collared is an erotic loving possession. It’s a deep commitment to each other, but also an expression of being His cunt.

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