An Offering…

On my verbal knees Sir,

I offer you this statement of blessing on our exchange…

I offer you my attention and contemplation that I might give you thoughtful service.

I offer you my warmth, affection and laughter, that I might lighten your day.

I offer you my obedience that you might feel confident that your will be done.

I offer you my breasts as a pillow and the sweetness of my arms, that you might be comforted.

I offer you unimpeded ownership of my mouth and cunt that you might have lubricious slavery at your constant disposal.

I offer my skin for you to mark as you wish.

I offer you reverence for your loving heart, your kindness, your gracefulness, your cock, your generosity.

I offer you my effort, that you might have a clean home, a good meal and the ease of someone to rely on.

I offer you my abundance that you might feel bathed in basic goodness for as long as you wish it.

Thank you, thank you for accepting my service wonderful Master.




1. arousing or expressive of sexual desire; lustful; lecherous.

2. oily or slippery

Synonyms: lascivious, libidinous, pornographic, obscene.


Here’s my current favorite poetic form; a Haiku:

Your Object

Hunkered stark, panting

Brandishing wares, pink toned

Lubricious legs fanned


The essence of power exchange is the conscious daily affirmation and action of these emotions and intentions.

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