I have been oversleeping lately. Nearly every day for the past two weeks. I haven’t been preparing Remus’s breakfast as a result. I’m missing him. I’ve been really struggling with being awake. That usually happens when I’m pretty sick…as I have been lately. Last month it was a kidney infection, this month it’s been a head and chest cold. I’ve been tired enough that I didn’t want to eat even the few times I did wake up with him.

Not only am I really tired, I am not in touch with my internal clock. I usually know approximately what the time is even if I can’t see a clock. I feel very disoriented lately; as if I don’t know which end is up. There’s ten things on my tadoo list that I need to do that feel like just too much to handle…Simple things like cleaning the microwave…it already feels like trying to run through water just to do the absolute essentials like feed myself and do my assignments. I’m really, really tired…

I learned recently that I have a Vitamin D deficiency. It’s very common with folks who have Celiac’s Disease. I decided to investigate what that means exactly. Here’s (1) (2) (3) links on the subject. There’s evidence that Vit. D deficiency can play a part in asthma, lowered immune response, depression (especially seasonal affective disorder or SAD) and muscle weakness and pain.


I’m taking my vitamins, including a D complex the doctor recommended. I’m keeping gluten out of my diet, despite being convinced that pizza is a crucial food group (not to mention my favorite food!) and not knowing how to make pizza (or any other kind) dough that’s gluten-free yet.I’ve found sources for gf pasta, bread, scones, bagels, crackers…well lot’s of things. No pizza yet, but I’ll eventually either learn to make it or find a product which uses certified gf oat flour. I miss pizza…but not enough to eat it with gluten filled flours. I hate how badly I feel afterward!

Feeling better is just not happening fast enough for me. I want to feel better. Right now.

Not to mention, I miss impressing/lavishing Remus with my attentiveness and studious service work…which I seriously haven’t had energy for lately.

All right…All done whining now…

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