This past week and weekend, I’ve been down with a cold. Painful sinuses, painful ears, painful throat, coughing and asthma. Yuk! The asthma has been atrocious. At one point, Remus was trying to kiss me and an explosion of coughing I couldn’t control (spurred by getting just a little bit of his exhalation–my lungs are truly irritable!) resulted in his cheeks bulging…I felt so embarrassed! What a romance spoiler! He thought it was hilarious once he got over being startled and kept teasing me about it all day yesterday.

My son was visiting. I really enjoyed his visit. We didn’t do much, but it as good to just spend time with him. I love time with him.They ganged up on me to tease me all weekend. It was silly. We spent the weekend cleaning the windows on the first floor. We got about half of them done…and found that when the sun hit some of them just right, we’ll have to touch some of them up. Dang…they are the old type, so it’s not quick and easy to touch up windows. It sure feels good to have them clean though! The house sparkles now…I look forward to the rest being done.

We had no former roommate visits this past week or weekend. It was lovely…There will be one on Saturday this week though  in order to move more stuff out. Hopefully there’s a more significant effort to finish up the moving process this time. Remus and I are talking about the next two rooms to sort out. One is to turn a back room into a sitting room so we can enjoy the view of  the back yard. It’s quite lovely! My son remarked on how pleasant the room is. He also really enjoyed spending time outside for meals and just talking. We are talking about moving our dining table into the dining room…though we haven’t purchased chairs yet. That’s on my tadoo list for next month.

Heat and my cold made Remus reticent about using me the past week or so. He got back to it a few times yesterday, despite how terrible yucky I felt. It felt good to have him pound me with his cock. It felt good to be used by him. It felt good to feel my submissiveness. It felt good to share our power exchange. We’ve been going low-key lately on that. Too many distractions. Too many emotions…not feeling well…heat…It takes the starch out. Despite all the distractions, he took his satisfaction from his cunt yesterday. I am grateful…

Life always smooths out though…and we’ll be at it hard and heavy again.

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