“The tree frog

riding the basho leaf

sways and quivers.


I say … and you think … ?

Salon ::

Tag ::

Hawk ::

Continuous ::

Sparkly ::

Foam ::

Lovely ::

Jokes ::

Shenanigans ::

Bear ::


Here’s a creative thinking test I thought you might find fun. It’s from here.

Close your eyes and try to recreate the following smells. This exercise helps improve your ability to form concrete impressions from memory, an ability that is one characteristic of creative people.

1. Brussel sprouts
2. A banana
3. Gasoline
4. Pencil shavings
5. Stinky socks

3 thoughts on “UM 491, Creativity and Basho

  1. Salon :: hair
    Tag :: blog posts
    Hawk :: eye Pierce
    Continuous :: stream of consciousness
    Sparkly :: purple
    Foam :: mattress
    Lovely :: beautiful
    Jokes :: dirty
    Shenanigans :: naughty
    Bear :: with me


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